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We are an inclusive liberal religious community of diverse beliefs and shared values – spiritual growth, social justice, environmental sustainability, artistic expression, and compassion. Join us!
What's on this Sunday 
Encountering Our Ancestors
Sunday, November 2, 11 am
Rev. Dr. Steven Epperson and Guests from the Past

It’s the season of Samhain/ Halloween/ Day of the Dead. For the tenth time, we summon eminent ancestors from our Unitarian history to experience their stories. Join us to welcome these visitors from the past, an occasion to reckon our good fortune as heirs of an amazing religious tradition. 

Lighting the chalice candle starts every Service.
  Lunch: Hosted by Love Soup

Forum: Humans and Animals: we're not that different
Denise Swanson and David Steele

A lively discussion of the lives of non-human animals, our treatment of them and our responsibilities to them. Short, informative yet entertaining videos will be dispersed among discussion which will flow in accordance with the interests of the audience. Should be fun. 
Order of Service 

Upcoming events 

Occupy Mentalism
Thursday, November 6, 5:30-7 pm
Hewett Centre hall

We gather for fellowship, a good potluck meal, and to write letters to advocate for people dealing with mental and emotional distress.




New U in a Day
Saturday, November 15, 9 am, coffee and muffins; 9:15 am – 2 pm, program. Lunch provided.
Hewett Centre

For everyone interested in joining our church or learning more about Unitarianism and the UCV (members also welcome). Childcare provided, request 2 weeks advanced notice. Contact Dianne Crosbie.

First Friday Cafe
Friday, November 7, 5–9 pm, Fireside Room
Hewett Centre, 949 West 49 Avenue

For more information about this and other First Friday Cafés, click on the image.

Annual General Meeting

Sunday, November 16, 12:30 pm
Hewett Centre Hall

Only members in good standing who have been a member of the church for at least 90 days preceding the meeting can vote.



Unitarian Music Club
Wednesday, November 19, 7:30 pm

Everyone welcome. We're a mix of listeners and performers. The Music Club welcomes all styles of music, and performances are arranged in advance.


Eat, Meet, and Write

Thursday, November 20, 5:30 – 7:15 pm
Hewett Centre Hall

Come and write letters with us to promote affordable housing. This event combines fellowship, excellent food and effective social justice activism.

Doors open at 5:30 pm, dinner at 6 pm. Bring a potluck dish. All welcome.



Welcoming Visitors
Please stay for coffee and conversation after the service. You can keep the conversation going by email  – we’ll forward your message. Oh, and email us anytime if you just have a question.

Art in the Sanctuary and Fireside Room
Looking on and Changing within
September 1 – October 31
Sanctuary and Fireside Room

For this show, member artists have chosen to showcase their interests, the media they use and techniques they enjoy. This display renders an opportunity for viewers looking to change and experiment. It aims to provide a looking-on and changing-within experience.

sponsored by the Arts Committee

The canvass has come; and passed
Let's enrich the UCV ecosystem! If you haven't yet pledged, please consider doing so. Your pledge together with those of others will help keep our church a healthy and vibrant community. Please call the church office to pledge.

Click on the image at the right, then go to page 7 to read all about it.

What's on this month 
The October 23 shooting on Parliament Hill and the National War Memorial
As the news of the shooting on Parliament Hill unfolded, I imagined how many of us in our places of work and in our homes, were following these events.  No doubt,  I share your shock, sadness and concern.  Within hours of these events, I read a column posted in the Toronto Star, written by Martin Regg Cohn.  To my mind, it sounded just the right note; it expressed many of my inarticulate feelings.  I recommend it.

My thoughts and affection go out to all on this day.

Rev. Steven Epperson

Events and Activities Calendar
Click the one of the calendars to see a list of  scheduled events and activities for the last week of October, and November. You'll find a printer-friendly version as well.      

Announcements cont'd 
Moveable Feasts
Tired of deciding what to prepare for dinner? Enjoy good conversation with fellow Unitarians? Like more variety in your life? Then join the Moveable Feast Group, last Saturday night of every month at a different restaurant.

Click on the image at the right for more info, especially about our September 27 dinner.


Pastoral letter: Gaza
Important words from the minister on Gaza … and an invitation to friends and members.

More info: click on the logo at the right.

Adult Religious Education - Autumn 2014. Preview
Human Diversity, Spirituality, and Well-Being - for course listings, meeting times, web links and more ...

Messy ChUrch + MAKE Dinner: UU Style!
Hewett Centre Hall
First Friday of the month, 6 - 9 pm
. Next gathering, Friday: November 7)

- low-tech activities. Music. Food! Ping Pong!
- Tool skills obstacle course! All welcome! Potluck—or RSVP

Suggested donation: $5 for adults, $3 for children.
Playroom supervision provided.

Contact Morgan Reid for details
More info
Also see our Fall Children's program brochure

Canadian Unitarian Universalism: Transformative, Dynamic, and Joyful!
The Canadian Unitarian Council is embodying our principles in a proposed new mission statement to guide development of Unitarian Universalism in Canada that is theologically alive, spiritually grounded, boldly inclusive, beyond congregations, deeply connected, and technologically current.

Follow us

Covenant Groups
These self-directed groups are designed to deepen our spiritual lives and connections with each other. The groups select their own themes and rotate responsibility for facilitating. More info at the forum on Sunday, September 21.  Also, more info by clicking on the image at the right.


Third Sunday Book Club
The book club meets every third Sunday in the Lindsey-Priestley Room. If you have a book you're excited about, come to a session and arrange for a date to present it. Or, come to listen and join the discussion.

All are welcome

Ongoing Activities 
What's coming up
• Unitarian Music Club
• Sacred Circle Dance
• First Friday Cafe
• Book Club
• Messy ChUrch + MAKE Dinner: UU Style!
• UCV Covenant Groups
dates & details

Current Downloads 
[pdf] Bulletin Nov 2014.pdf
[pdf] Bulletin Oct 2014.pdf
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